Wednesday, April 29, 2009

her legs are chafed by sticky wings

"and why are you so firmly and triumphantly certain that only what is normal and positive - in short, only well-being - is good for man ? is reason mistaken about what is good ? after all, perhaps prosperity isn't the only thing that pleases mankind, perhaps he is just as attracted to suffering .. whether it's a good thing or a bad thing, smashing things is also sometimes very pleasant. i am not here standing up for suffering, or for well-being either. i am standing out for my own caprices and for having them guaranteed when necessary."
~ fyodor dostoyevsky, notes from underground
i'm reading a fantastic book at the moment called hey ! nietzsche ! leave them kids alone !, which is all about alternative music's roots in 19th century romanticism. it name-drops some fabulous artists: the smiths and morrissey, bowie, siouxsie and the banshees, the cure, the birthday party .... you name it. apart from some passages gushing over my chemical romance, it's fabulous. i'm try to read several books at the moment, actually. i'm more than halfway through persepolis, only part of the way through haunted by chuck palahniuk and i'm struggling through the great gatsby too.

Monday, April 20, 2009

anywhere i lay my head

i'm baaaack.
to be honest i can't really be bothered detailing my adventures in germany, but a picture tells a thousand words, so here's a whole lot of words for you.

on the tram in freiburg

l-r: me, janet, tina

day trip to strasbourg, france

mmm, apfelsaft


night out in munich

day trip to basel, switzerland

bmw museum


berlin wall
our hostel room in cologne, aka the fortress of awesomeness. cleanliness is apparently not our strong point.

cruise down the rhine

the downside of this trip is that now that i'm back in australia, i'm bitterly disappointed. this is a snippet of my tirade directed towards my family in general:

me: australia is awful. if you go to the country here, there's cows. if you go to the country in germany, there's bloody castles everywhere.
mum: it isn't that bad. living in australia does have its advantages.
me: yeah but it's not exactly the hub of fucking civilisation, is it ?

anyway, my point is, as soon as school as over i'm off to europe and i'm never coming back - how i will execute this is another matter. since my grandfather was swiss my father had the chance of taking out citizenship until the age of 18, and he never did, which pisses me off even more. he regrets it now, but that doesn't make it any better, does it ?
if you're in europe and willing to marry me temporarily with the next few years so that i can gain citizenship, let me know, mmkay ?