Saturday, February 28, 2009

maybe it's our kookiness

went over to my friend alex's yesterday for a sleepover, and that's where i'm posting from at about 9:10 in the morning. our original plan to see slumdog millionaire went hideously awry yesterday, not once, not twice, but three times.

the first time, we headed to hoyts at melbourne central only to be told that i could not be admitted because i had no id on me, and apparently i look under fifteen. thanks a lot, counter bitch. the "king of knives" store that we later walked past was suddenly tempting.
crushed by our loss but now determined to see the movie, we stopped at victoria gardens on the way back to soothe our anger with a boost juice each. we went up to the victoria gardens cinema, where they were apparently not showing slumdog millionaire because it is only showing at selected cinemas. fuck my life.

finally, we decided to see slumdog later that evening at rivoli cinemas. we walked in and saw the biggest line for a movie that i have ever seen in my life, which wound around the corner, past the candy bar to the place where they rip your tickets. about twenty minutes later and ten people away from buying our tickets, with slumdog millionaire flashing "filling" on the screen, it suddenly turned to "sold out". i spotted it first and screamed out in agony, "it's sold out !!!" while alex yelled "noooooooooo !!!". needless to say we fielded looks of disdain from everyone around us.

alex and i trudged home, utterly disappointed. we went back to alex's house where we conspired to *attempt* to see slumdog again, this time at 10:45 am today. considering our luck, despite the fact that we have learnt from our mistake and booked tickets, the cinemas will probably find some way to prevent us from seeing the movie.

here are some photos from happier times [earlier that day] ~

i bought this t-shirt from pulp kitchen at melbourne central today for $15 ~ for those who aren't movie buffs like me, it's the "heeere's johnny !" still from the shining. my friend commented on this picture on facebook asking who it was, and i quote, "knowing you .. morrissey ?" lolol

i love this skirt, i shortened it from a peasant skirt that i found last week. i only got it because i adored the fabric, it's almost identical to the luella s/s 08 florals.

hehehhehehehe i love this photo ^

we are so cool

soo, slumdog millionaire at 10:45. wish me luck.

Friday, February 27, 2009

there she goes again

missoni and luella a/w 09 are my germany style inspirations. i love knits and layering is pretty much the best thing ever.

Monday, February 23, 2009

and she's hooked to the silver screen

i got the following dvd today ~

and then i got a box set of stanley kubrick films including ~

and next week i'm getting an audrey hepburn box set including ~

i feel several movie marathons coming on. i've never seen a kubrick film but there are so many that i really, really, really want to see. a clockwork orange is probably number one, but i'm disappointed that lolita and dr strangelove weren't included in the box set instead of the one idrc about [ie: eyes wide shut]. o and a place in the sun is a great movie .. or maybe i'm just biased because it stars montgomery clift.

haaay sexy

Sunday, February 22, 2009

this is not a lovesong

my love for alexander wang knows no bounds, and with an impending trip to germany i'm considering adding a few carefully administered rips to my tights, and then strutting around the streets of berlin being gloriously neo-grunge.

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new rose ~ the damned
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

magic marker row

"what’s great about this country is that america started the tradition where the richest consumers buy essentially the same things as the poorest. you can be watching tv and see coca-cola, and you know that the president drinks coke, liz taylor drinks coke, and just think, you can drink coke, too. a coke is a coke and no amount of money can get you a better coke than the one the bum on the corner is drinking. all the cokes are the same and all the cokes are good. liz taylor knows it, the president knows it, the bum knows it, and you know it."

~ andy warhol

Sunday, February 15, 2009

strawberry fields, nothing is real

saw the truman show today, it was excellent. normally i'm a sucker for anything existentialist but this was definitely a stand-out. it makes you think ~ not just "am i the unwitting star in an elaborate reality tv show ?" but of the wider implications.

we accept the reality of the world with which we are presented and thus we are all prisoners. we become attached to it ~ "ignorance is bliss". what makes this movie so thought-provoking is that it tells the story of the disillusionment of a man who crosses from one reality to another, which he comes to by himself.

sometimes we, too, feel trapped in a familial and social world to which we try to conform but can't completely identify with. the world that we create for ourselves and others create for us ~ we can change it whenever we are ready.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

if you close the door the night could last forever

my dad just gave me the official program of the beatles' 1964 australian tour which is worth thousands nowadays. and then he came in and gave me a copy of "woman and beauty" from october 1934 with a forecast of "autumn beauty and fashions". ily dad. ily john lennon. ily retro things.

sooo apart from that, today was pretty uneventful except i got a haircut and went and saw the movie ghost town. apparently it came out in america like last year, but it's only just arrived in australian theaters to the best of my knowledge. apparently it flopped in north america too, which is weird. i loved it. i was crying with laughter in at least one scene ~ ricky gervais does deadpan so well. o and i'm finding greg kinnear oddly attractive atm, he has lovely blue eyes

i bought the most beautiful flapper dress for $20 yesterday but i can't be bothered taking photos so i'll post about it sometime soon.

Friday, February 13, 2009

i know it's gonna happen someday

my funny valentine
sweet comic valentine
you make me smile with my heart
your looks are laughable
yet you're my favourite work of art
is your figure less than greek ?
is your mouth a little weak ?
when you open it to speak
are you smart ?

don't change a hair for me
not if you care for me
stay little valentine, stay
each day is valentines day

but srsly though, i don't have a valentine. weep for me pls

caviar and cigarettes

a blackened shroud, a hand-me-down gown
of rags and silks, a costume
fit for one who sits and cries for all tomorrow's parties

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

pandora's box

"[she] had an undefined conviction that to serve for another person than their proprietor traditions must be of a thoroughly superior kind; but she nevertheless assented to this intimation that she too must march to the stately music that floated down from unknown periods in her husband's past; she who of old had been so free of step, so desultory, so devious, so much the reverse of processional.

there were certain things they must do, a certain posture they must take, certain people they must know and not know. when she saw this rigid system close about her, draped though it was in pictured tapestries, that sense of darkness and suffocation of which i have spoken took possession of her; she seemed shut up with an odour of mould and decay.

she had resisted of course; at first very humourously, ironically, tenderly; then, as the situation grew more serious, eagerly, passionately, pleadingly. she had pleaded the cause of freedom, of doing as they chose, of not caring for the aspect and denomination of their life - the cause of other instincts and longings, of quite another ideal."
text from pages 480-481 of portrait of a lady by henry james.
movie stills from die b├╝chse der pandora [1929]

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the black angel's death song

i can't believe i've only just discovered this glamorous pair of scottish new-wavers. sporting a look that wouldn't be out of place among ~scene kids~ today, jill and rose produced excellent synth-pop between '81 and '86, but are more or less unheard of these days. even among pop aficionados they are generally remembered as one hit wonders ~ "since yesterday", a sweet slice of sixties inspired bubblegum pop, was their only single to chart in the uk top 50 and they would sink without a trace not long after.

strawberry switchblade's style was a mish-mash of colour and texture, their siouxsie sioux-meets-strawberry shortcake dress sense predating even madonna's gloriously tacky lace and leather era. polkadot ra-ra skirts and multiple ribbons in all different colours and patterns were their trademarks, mixing kitschy accessories with gothic staples and topping it all off with bold eyeliner and their long, thick hair wrapped in messy bouffants held in place with oversized bows.

they might not be remembered for subtlety, but while strawberry switchblade may have fallen through the cracks of 1980s popular music, their songs are near-perfect pop, harmony-laden and ridiculously catchy. have a listen to their biggest hits and decide for yourself ~

Monday, February 9, 2009

and your bird can sing

what can i say about agyness deyn ? i used to love her. wayyy back in 2006, when few people [at least in australia] had heard of her, i loved agyness deyn. maybe it was the hair, possibly the fact that she was british, or even because in the first photo i saw of her she was wearing a jeremy scott food print top like the one to the right >

fashion purists may scoff, but i am obsessed with jeremy scott. he never fails to quench my thirst for endlessly kitschy get-ups and fall 2006 was amazing. but i digress. in subsequent photos she was bang-on style-wise, imho anyway. wearing a gamine patent leather newsboy cap, aggy prompted me go out and buy a cotton one in charcoal, before i remembered that i don't wear hats, ever.

i was one of the first people ever to bring in her photo to a hairstylist's, and request that my boring wavy waistlength locks, albeit with a cute marianne faithfull fringe, had to be lopped off immediately. obviously the family carnage that would follow that decision is another story, but nevertheless while i had wanted short hair for quite a while, and hair /different/ from my current style for almost a lifetime, aggy deyn was the girl who almost single-handedly pushed me over the egde [with a little help from mia farrow, jean seberg, edie and twiggy].

unfortunately, by 2008, agyness-mania had well and truly set in and now i can't go anywhere without seeing some tacky wannabe sporting /my/ pixie crop. or, rather, aggy's pixie crop.

but the point is, she's overexposed. her style has slid from adorable to odd. agyness's style is very hit and miss for me now - when she gets it right, she gets it RIGHT, but when she doesn't, she looks like - and there's no nicer way to put this - a fucking weirdo. a collared shirt = fine. a collared shirt + brogues + socks ? kind of dyke-y. and i of all people know that it's hard to tread the line between androgyny and dyke-y when you're a girl with cropped hair. idk why agyness has been named "the new kate moss", but she is obviously not. pretty sure kate moss reigns eternally as the queen of everything fashion, whereas deyn may be ~edgy~ at the moment but the trend will fade.
agyness is cute but she is nothing special and her popularity will die off along with this silly "nu rave" business.

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