Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the black angel's death song

i can't believe i've only just discovered this glamorous pair of scottish new-wavers. sporting a look that wouldn't be out of place among ~scene kids~ today, jill and rose produced excellent synth-pop between '81 and '86, but are more or less unheard of these days. even among pop aficionados they are generally remembered as one hit wonders ~ "since yesterday", a sweet slice of sixties inspired bubblegum pop, was their only single to chart in the uk top 50 and they would sink without a trace not long after.

strawberry switchblade's style was a mish-mash of colour and texture, their siouxsie sioux-meets-strawberry shortcake dress sense predating even madonna's gloriously tacky lace and leather era. polkadot ra-ra skirts and multiple ribbons in all different colours and patterns were their trademarks, mixing kitschy accessories with gothic staples and topping it all off with bold eyeliner and their long, thick hair wrapped in messy bouffants held in place with oversized bows.

they might not be remembered for subtlety, but while strawberry switchblade may have fallen through the cracks of 1980s popular music, their songs are near-perfect pop, harmony-laden and ridiculously catchy. have a listen to their biggest hits and decide for yourself ~