Saturday, February 28, 2009

maybe it's our kookiness

went over to my friend alex's yesterday for a sleepover, and that's where i'm posting from at about 9:10 in the morning. our original plan to see slumdog millionaire went hideously awry yesterday, not once, not twice, but three times.

the first time, we headed to hoyts at melbourne central only to be told that i could not be admitted because i had no id on me, and apparently i look under fifteen. thanks a lot, counter bitch. the "king of knives" store that we later walked past was suddenly tempting.
crushed by our loss but now determined to see the movie, we stopped at victoria gardens on the way back to soothe our anger with a boost juice each. we went up to the victoria gardens cinema, where they were apparently not showing slumdog millionaire because it is only showing at selected cinemas. fuck my life.

finally, we decided to see slumdog later that evening at rivoli cinemas. we walked in and saw the biggest line for a movie that i have ever seen in my life, which wound around the corner, past the candy bar to the place where they rip your tickets. about twenty minutes later and ten people away from buying our tickets, with slumdog millionaire flashing "filling" on the screen, it suddenly turned to "sold out". i spotted it first and screamed out in agony, "it's sold out !!!" while alex yelled "noooooooooo !!!". needless to say we fielded looks of disdain from everyone around us.

alex and i trudged home, utterly disappointed. we went back to alex's house where we conspired to *attempt* to see slumdog again, this time at 10:45 am today. considering our luck, despite the fact that we have learnt from our mistake and booked tickets, the cinemas will probably find some way to prevent us from seeing the movie.

here are some photos from happier times [earlier that day] ~

i bought this t-shirt from pulp kitchen at melbourne central today for $15 ~ for those who aren't movie buffs like me, it's the "heeere's johnny !" still from the shining. my friend commented on this picture on facebook asking who it was, and i quote, "knowing you .. morrissey ?" lolol

i love this skirt, i shortened it from a peasant skirt that i found last week. i only got it because i adored the fabric, it's almost identical to the luella s/s 08 florals.

hehehhehehehe i love this photo ^

we are so cool

soo, slumdog millionaire at 10:45. wish me luck.


Tru said...

well you certaintly did have some bad luck...hope you get a chance to see it today....lovley skirt

Julia said...

I was planning to go see slumdog milionaire too... Heard it was a good movie, and I thought I would like it.. I haven't seen it yet though. Wonder why that is...
Oh right, because I'm really poor these days. I really should get a job.
Fun outfits!

Julia said...

now I know: The outfit reminds me of something Luella from her last fall show...