Sunday, February 15, 2009

strawberry fields, nothing is real

saw the truman show today, it was excellent. normally i'm a sucker for anything existentialist but this was definitely a stand-out. it makes you think ~ not just "am i the unwitting star in an elaborate reality tv show ?" but of the wider implications.

we accept the reality of the world with which we are presented and thus we are all prisoners. we become attached to it ~ "ignorance is bliss". what makes this movie so thought-provoking is that it tells the story of the disillusionment of a man who crosses from one reality to another, which he comes to by himself.

sometimes we, too, feel trapped in a familial and social world to which we try to conform but can't completely identify with. the world that we create for ourselves and others create for us ~ we can change it whenever we are ready.


Ashley said...


tooooo lovely!

Linda said...

Come on, at least make your dividers a different size. >=[