Saturday, February 14, 2009

if you close the door the night could last forever

my dad just gave me the official program of the beatles' 1964 australian tour which is worth thousands nowadays. and then he came in and gave me a copy of "woman and beauty" from october 1934 with a forecast of "autumn beauty and fashions". ily dad. ily john lennon. ily retro things.

sooo apart from that, today was pretty uneventful except i got a haircut and went and saw the movie ghost town. apparently it came out in america like last year, but it's only just arrived in australian theaters to the best of my knowledge. apparently it flopped in north america too, which is weird. i loved it. i was crying with laughter in at least one scene ~ ricky gervais does deadpan so well. o and i'm finding greg kinnear oddly attractive atm, he has lovely blue eyes

i bought the most beautiful flapper dress for $20 yesterday but i can't be bothered taking photos so i'll post about it sometime soon.