Sunday, February 8, 2009

she is strung out on a tv dream

in an attempt to make this blog less barren, every so often i'll post one of my current or all-time style icons along with a little inspiration. today, it's marianne faithfull.
blessed with the face and voice of an angel but indulging in some less-than-angelic behaviour throughout her life, marianne spent her youth drinking, smoking, abusing various drugs and sleeping with some or all of the rolling stones. but whatever vagabond ways she had or still has, back in the day marianne had breathtaking style.
the uninitiated should listen to the album broken english in its entirety, watch the youtube video of ms faithfull's ethereal rendition of as tears go by, or catch marianne [albeit much older and croakier] as marie antoinette's mother in the 2006 film marie antoinette. but for now let's enjoy some of marianne faithfull's most stylish moments of the sixties and seventies.

currently listening to:
tristes apprets, pales flambeaux ~ jean phillipe rameau / w. christie
hate to say i told you so ~ the hives
you came, you saw, you conquered ~ the ronettes
life is a pigsty ~ morrissey