Monday, February 9, 2009

and your bird can sing

what can i say about agyness deyn ? i used to love her. wayyy back in 2006, when few people [at least in australia] had heard of her, i loved agyness deyn. maybe it was the hair, possibly the fact that she was british, or even because in the first photo i saw of her she was wearing a jeremy scott food print top like the one to the right >

fashion purists may scoff, but i am obsessed with jeremy scott. he never fails to quench my thirst for endlessly kitschy get-ups and fall 2006 was amazing. but i digress. in subsequent photos she was bang-on style-wise, imho anyway. wearing a gamine patent leather newsboy cap, aggy prompted me go out and buy a cotton one in charcoal, before i remembered that i don't wear hats, ever.

i was one of the first people ever to bring in her photo to a hairstylist's, and request that my boring wavy waistlength locks, albeit with a cute marianne faithfull fringe, had to be lopped off immediately. obviously the family carnage that would follow that decision is another story, but nevertheless while i had wanted short hair for quite a while, and hair /different/ from my current style for almost a lifetime, aggy deyn was the girl who almost single-handedly pushed me over the egde [with a little help from mia farrow, jean seberg, edie and twiggy].

unfortunately, by 2008, agyness-mania had well and truly set in and now i can't go anywhere without seeing some tacky wannabe sporting /my/ pixie crop. or, rather, aggy's pixie crop.

but the point is, she's overexposed. her style has slid from adorable to odd. agyness's style is very hit and miss for me now - when she gets it right, she gets it RIGHT, but when she doesn't, she looks like - and there's no nicer way to put this - a fucking weirdo. a collared shirt = fine. a collared shirt + brogues + socks ? kind of dyke-y. and i of all people know that it's hard to tread the line between androgyny and dyke-y when you're a girl with cropped hair. idk why agyness has been named "the new kate moss", but she is obviously not. pretty sure kate moss reigns eternally as the queen of everything fashion, whereas deyn may be ~edgy~ at the moment but the trend will fade.
agyness is cute but she is nothing special and her popularity will die off along with this silly "nu rave" business.

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