Friday, January 29, 2010


so in queensland i bought:

  • vintage 60s sailor-style shift dress
  • vintage 80s goth-y cocktail dress
  • vintage 80s lace front dress
  • 2 sportsgirl long sleeved dresses
  • vintage black lace top
  • vintage red and white polkadot skirt
  • vintage black handbag

it was a good week for my wardrobe, clearly. and the novelties:

  • 1970s kirk and spock figurines (bought for $20 each, $50 less than what they're worth!)
  • 1983 public image ltd. 12" single, this is not a lovesong ($5!)

the shopping makes up for the fact that queensland is generally rubbish and full of bogans. and i'm so glad to be home, just in time for the beach boys last night! they were fantastic, i spent the night up and doing the twist, they didn't play caroline no or don't talk (put your head on my shoulder) :( then again they might as well have played pet sounds in its entirety if they wanted to impress me. the lack of brian wilson took away from it quite a bit i suppose

anyway long post sry
p.s: i looooooove this man:

p.p.s: ke$ha's new song, your love is my drug is amazing. pleeassee tour soon