Wednesday, June 16, 2010

captain beefheart

is a crazy motherfucker, and to be honest i'm pretty much in love with him.
geniusgeniusgeniusgeniusgenius x 1000000


bobb said...

A story for you.

My dad had a knack for meeting famous/interesting/eccentric people. I was coming home from college (1973 I think) and my parents picked me up at the airport. My dad asked me to guess whom he had met on a flight earlier that week. Of course I couldn't.

He was flying from Atlanta to Baltimore, when this guy walks over to his seat and said "Aren't you in show business?" My dad said no , but that he had done some writing. The guy said " See I knew it", or something like that. he then introduced himself - Captain Beefheart.

They spent most of the flight talking. My dad said that Beefheart was nice guy, and that he complained a lot about Frank Zappa.
He gave my dad a promo 45 of "Too Much Time" and an autographed Christmas card. I have no idea what happened to either of them.

You can see why, all these years later, I remember that story well.

alex said...

hahaha wow, that is amazing! that's strange, i thought beefheart and zappa had a sort of friendship/rivalry thing going on back in the day? (i don't care much for zappa at all, to be quite honest)

bobb said...

My dad met Beefheart right after he had stopped recording for Zappa. "Too Much Time" was on Beefheart's first album for Reprise. I'm not sure what their disagreement was about.

Did you ever hear Beefheart's version of Diddy Wah Diddy? This was his first record.