Wednesday, October 27, 2010

time has come today

it's the night before my first year 12 exam. i probably ought to be panicking right now, because while i tend to do quite well in english without making much of an effort, i am really a bit underprepared for this. and since it's late there isn't much i can do right now but hope for the best. at the moment i'm just waiting for the terror of this to hit me.

but the plus side is, in exactly 18 days i will be free from school. and then:
* schoolies
* blondie/the pretenders on december 1
* girls on december 10
* christmas in new york
* summer
* whole life being ahead of me etc.

ps. this song is PHENOMENAL.


bobb said...

I'd bet you will do really well on your exams.. it looks like you have an exciting time coming up after that.

The Chambers Brothers recorded an earlier version of "Time Has Come Today" that's a bit different then the hit version (and not nearly as good). It was quickly withdrawn.

bobb said...

Here's the rejected version, which as far as far as I know, was issued on promotional copies only, with a different label number then the hit version.