Monday, November 8, 2010

beatniks are out to make it rich

i've got my last two exams conveniently scheduled on the same day - next monday. so far i have been spending my final studying period doing the following:
- drinking tea
- facebook
- going on tumblr
- making myself french toast
- making myself fairy bread
- going for long walks in the sunshine
- browsing various opshops
- not studying

yeeah, need to do something about my motivation levels. especially considering that these are my two most difficult subjects and i got a c+ and b+ on my philosophy and media practice exams, respectively. so i'm taking a leave of absence from this blog until the 15th of november. all things aside from exams, life is good.
currently listening to:
ride a white swan - t. rex
shimmy shimmy ya - ol' dirty bastard
try a little tenderness - otis redding
buffalo stance - neneh cherry


Kirsten said...

wow, yes, I am his sister. The world just got about 400 times smaller. How do you know him?

alex said...

haha i go to macrob soo i know a ridiculous amount of mhs guys. i don't actually know him personally, per se but we have mutual friends. that is really bizarre, considering i stumbled upon your blog randomly (i think through 'i op therefore i am', or something.) craazy.