Thursday, January 13, 2011

something illusory

i am slowly, tentatively coming to terms with the fact that i am no longer an atheist. not a theist by any stretch of the imagination, no, but now firmly agnostic - finally acknowledging that i know absolutely nothing anymore. i realised some time ago that while i used to deride the way that religious people would find solace in believing that something else was out there, i was, in a funny way, comforted in my certainty that there was no grand mystery behind everything to decipher. i can't really explain why i have changed my mind so drastically over a fairly long period of time, but somehow i have. and while i'm not willing to concede the existence of, for lack of a better term, 'something' (and definitely not a specific, if any, deity), i just can't say that i believe in nothing anymore.


Anonymous said...

there is nothing to be comforted by. we are nothing.

nothing is everything.

priceless is not free.