Friday, May 22, 2009

as you lay in awe on your bedroom floor

couldn't blog last night because i ended up sleeping over at my best friend's house at the last minute, but i'll make up for it today ....
happy 50th morrissey !

it hasn't been that long since i first started listening to the smiths, truth be told. i only started to get into them at the end of year nine, which was less than two years ago. i have been listening to them, and solo morrissey, heavily ever since.

the first song that i ever heard by the smiths was - bar a cover of how soon is now which was the theme song of charmed back in the day - probably what difference does it make. i heard it, and london on a compilation i bought in year 8, but i didn't actively seek out any more of their music for a while.

when i did, i can vividly remember the first three songs that i downloaded - how soon is now, heaven knows i'm miserable now and last night i dreamt that somebody loved me. out of all of them, it was the last that hit closest to home. it was the last song out of the three that i listened to the whole way through, as i was initially put off by the extended piano intro.
but once i lay down and listened to the entire song in stunned silence, i realised that this was a band that was completely unlike anything i'd ever heard before - the band that has had the biggest impact on my life before or since.


lucille said...

LOVE these iamges !

Anonymous said...

I used to love The Smiths (: I think the last song I obsessed over was Rubber Ring- seems fitting.