Saturday, October 3, 2009

eewwwww school

homework i have not done these holidays:
- psychology survey. i still have to write the actual survey, survey 15-20 people, write up and graph the results on a scatter-plot, or something like that. due on tuesday (although i'm planning to wag to buy more time, and my teacher's a pushover).
- history essay on socio-cultural movements of the 60s/70s. none of the fun mods-and-rockers stuff, though, it's strictly politically-related movements. due in two weeks.
- literature debate speech. i have it easy, being first speaker, but i still don't know when i will be fucked to write this. due sometime next week.
- study for my health 3/4 SAC. it's not that far away, and being a year 12 subject it actually counts for something. fuck.

homework i have done these holidays:
- .............nah, i got nothing.
i often wonder whether there is a psychological basis in the phenomenon that time flies when you're having fun?
currently listening to:
primary colours ~ the horrors
bookends theme ~ simon & garfunkel
hi ho silver lining ~ jeff beck
come monday night ~ god help the girl