Saturday, October 17, 2009

luke john mark matthew

decided my eating habits are getting ridiculous.

sample menu from yesterday:
brunch ~ 5 fried spring rolls
afternoon tea ~ the last spring roll
dinner ~ bowl of chocolate icecream

and sample menu from today:
breakfast ~ 3 pieces wholemeal toast with margarine (better)
lunch ~ bowl of chocolate icecream w/ sprinkles
dinner ~ probably eating leftover chicken wings

+ approx. 7 cups of tea each day

my eating philosophy tends to be, as long as i don't consume more than my usual calorie intake, it's fine. nutritional value is of no consequence, it's all about the calorific value of my food. i'm far too self-indulgent to give up the junk

saw moon today, it was excellent and i highly recommend it to all. pity it's too poorly distributed and low-budget for sam rockwell to get an oscar nod.

going to a halloween party, i might be going as holly golightly. instantly recognizable for those of the bogan persuasion (which comprises most of the invitees) but also a little interesting. i guess pris from blade runner or alex from a clockwork orange shall have to wait until next year