Tuesday, December 8, 2009

houses in motion

jethro cave is mah dream man

might be getting a waitressing job at this cheesy 50s-style diner in south yarra, fuck yeah. pretty much my dream job.

i love it when people turn out to be better people than you thought they were before.
my life would be pretty good right now if i hadn't totally fucked things up by being selfish and impulsive and quick-tempered, my personality flaws make a mess of everything.

today while i was working i accidentally caught my cross necklace on my finger when i went to grab something, and it broke so i had to use scissors as makeshift pliers to link it back together. i don't know if this is a bad or good omen.
and you have no idea, no idea how it feels
to be on your own
in your own home
with the fucking phone
and the mother of gloom
in your bedroom
standing over your bed
with her hand in your head

rosemary kennedy and ginnifer goodwin: separated at birth? (srsly.)