Friday, December 4, 2009


you're quite attractive
monique and i are starting a zine, i feel more self-indulgently arty than ever. it's our summer project.
i was looking at a blog i found about irrational fears, and this one made me laugh:
"Hi I'm Ryan, and I'm afraid of bathtub sharks. I actually have this totally dumb fear that underneath my bathtub is a shark waiting for me to fall through the bottom and eat me. I don't know where this came from, only that it is. For a while I went through a period where I was more afraid of bathtub alligators, and once for a while with snakes, but mostly its the sharks. Now, I've been to construction sites and seen that there is no way for a shark to fit in between the first and second floor of my house, let alone room for it to mantain the constant motion necessary for a shark to survive, yet the fear persists."
teehee. bathtub sharks. and this, while long-winded, is also fucking hilarious. new favourite site? i think yes.