Tuesday, August 31, 2010

cherry flavoured antacids

distill the life that's inside of me
sit and drink pennyroyal tea
i'm anemic royalty

- pennyroyal tea, nirvana

i've been listening to nirvana and dinosaur jr. a lot lately, i'm not sure why. i never got into them that much originally but they both seem to fit right now.

i officially have 22 days of school left, ever. i'd like to say that this upsets me, but it really doesn't. school has been one of the most depressing and awful components of my life for a long time now, and the last few years have been a slow downward slide into a complete lack of motivation to do any work anymore. which is fortunate because i'm almost certainly going on a gap year next year, after so much of my time spent convincing my parents that it isn't, in fact, going to cause me to throw in the towel and never go to university. it's weird to think that i'm almost finally free, to an extent anyway.

currently listening to:
just like heaven (the cure cover) - dinosaur jr.
nothing but a heartache - the flirtations
back on the chain gang - the pretenders
daddy never understood - the folk implosion


The Outsider said...

I've got a Dinosaur Jr. autographed T-shirt when I saw them back in March. They're a great band. They weren't happy about signing stuff for people though. I think they didn't want that "rock stars signing autograph" image being associated with them.

Methinks gap years are good for people's souls. They kinda slow you down so that you'd think about what's been happening. But then it's all good because school and uni don't mean much when compared to everything else in life. Don't let them bug you.