Sunday, August 29, 2010

i'm sitting in jayne mansfield's car

so like, i really need to stop pinning my hopes on things, because i always get fucked over eventually. i think my problem is that i'm one of those people that needs others to like them, but has no idea how to go about being likeable. often i wish that people could just tell me what is really, fundamentally wrong with me, and then i can fix it.
i'm going to stop now because it's going down the road of all those horrible whiney posts i used to write before i made my blog public. here is a nice song instead:


bobb said...

Heya Alex

Although I only know you through this blog and your Tumblr, I'm an avid reader of both and I don't think anything is fundamentally wrong with you. It just seems that you are much more intelligent, introspective, and sensitive then most others. Although it's a cliche, it's true that if you just hang in there things will get better.

The title of this post worries me a little bit. I remember Jane's accident well. We were on a family trip and staying at a lodge in Yellowstone Park. My dad went to get a newspaper, and that's when we find out about Jayne.

Nice song:)

Hang in there Alex!