Monday, September 13, 2010

i'm always dreaming and it's never for real

okay so as i found out today, apparently someone i know read a blog post that involved her long long ago (like back in the starting months of my blog) and got upset. which is just awkward. this however, is weird because i deleted that post before i made my blog public to people from my school soooo, apparently my blog was being stalked by people i know somehow even before i made my blog link available and presumably still is. heaven knows how many people are reading my blog that i don't want to. the sentiment about the blog post in question is still there i suppose but i don't really care anymore, fuck school and all these petty stupid school things that everyone gets wrapped up in, sick of all this rubbish


bobb said...

I found a video the other day that I posted on my Tumblr - thought you might like it.

Baby Jane Holtzer singing on an unidentified U.S. show (1966)