Friday, August 13, 2010

letters to unnamed people

dear unnamed person,

i was sort of semi-convinced i am finally over you, but i still stalk your facebook more than is healthy. i hope you stay out of my life for just a little bit longer because i know the next time i interact with you in real life i will become hopelessly obsessed again.
yours truly, alex

dear unnamed person,
i'm flattered that you like me (at least i think you do), and i quite like you, but i don't know if i am that attracted to you after all. i don't know whether i want to feel secure for the first time in my life, but feel ambivalent about you, or whether to remain alone.
all the best, alex

dear unnamed person,
i may be mildly infatuated with you. why do you have to have a girlfriend, for fuck's sake?
yours, alex

dear unnamed person,
i love you, i really do. but sometimes little things annoy me, and i don't know what to do because i know i actually couldn't survive without you, but i can't survive without a bit of space either. i don't know why i feel this way all of a sudden.
regards, alex

dear unnamed person,
i think you're really cool and i know i don't have any clue how to make friends and i'm kind of a total loser, but i would like to be your friend, if that's okay.
sincerely, alex_


Raj said...

Hey, this is cool :)

Anonymous said...

Impressed. Really cool format and writing. You have talent.

Anonymous said...

sorry for the stalking, but after reading that deeply poetic and yet (&most importantly) honest it's seems high time to write unnamed letters to you. obladi oblada