Friday, March 4, 2011

all the time we wasted, i'd only waste it again

i love when first impressions turn out to be wrong and people are actually lovely, when the most dubious fake ids in the world inexplicably work, when you see friends you haven't encountered in years, when people call you beautiful, when you feel a little bit hopeful, for the first time in what seems like forever.

february playlist
1. rill rill - sleigh bells
2. party and bullshit (ratatat remix) - notorious b.i.g.
3. gen-n-e-y - m.i.a.
4. roman's revenge (ft. lil' wayne) - nicki minaj
5. enter the ninja - die antwoord
6. coconut bible - yuck
7. block after block - matt & kim
8. not in love (ft. robert smith) - crystal castles
9. no fun vs. push it - 2 many djs
10. the suburbs (continued) - arcade fire