Tuesday, March 1, 2011

higher than the sun

things i have learned so far this year:
- people are actually really, genuinely nice outside in the real world (as opposed to school)
- nightclubs are not for me, they are too noisy to talk to/bond with people
- as a rule i tend to have the best nights with people i have never met before when i am blind drunk
- full-time retail work is incredibly soul-crushing (although i am piss weak when it comes to doing any form of hard work)
- my infamously awful fake id which says i am 20 years old and looks nothing like me genuinely works (except for that one guy at federation square 7-eleven who refuses to sell me cigarettes)
- a break-up is the most depressingly awful thing i have ever experienced in my life so far
- DO NOT say 'i love you too' unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure that they actually said 'i love you'
- the morning after pill is one of the most awkward items anyone could ever have the misfortune to need to purchase

recent developments:
- classes have started
- gay guys really like me (i am known in some circles as 'queen of the gays')
- i may have a bit of a crush on a certain pipe-smoking hipster with whom i attend melbourne uni, guess who xoxo