Saturday, March 12, 2011

if you want it

so i've been sifting through the past year or so of posts, fixing tags and stuff, because i'm bored. and in the last few months, a bunch of comments have popped up from anonymous posters saying nice things. alarmingly, although not surprisingly, a number of these seem to come from people who know/know of me in real life. reveal yourselves, kindly anons!

also here are some nice photos from a disposable camera i just got developed, it's a strange "fortune cookie camera" i bought from urban outfitters that prints one's fortune at the bottom of the photo. these are photos of me from a night which wound up being really quite awful and distressing, and the morning after. but at least the pictures came up nice.

currently listening to:
homecoming - the teenagers
i hate rock'n'roll - the jesus & mary chain
peter gunn vs. where's your head at - 2 many dj's
sometimes - my bloody valentine


Anonymous said...

aye, this is anon... sorry... not checking your blog regulary...

there's little, very little chance i know you in real life - but i like your internet persona(lity): extremely honest and unsparing towards yourself but never self-demeaning. i like reading about someones weird inner life to feel less crappy. mhmmm, this sounds sleazy and coarse - is.
i don't know what you're like in real life and probably wouldn't want to know, i prefer illusions...

anyway, if you're in a sensitive mood sometime, i recommend this:

take care!

Anonymous said...

you are gorgeous