Tuesday, May 17, 2011

wasted hours

i'm a sucker for nostalgia. i can't explain it or even express it coherently, but everywhere i have ever been and everything i have ever done, i look back on and miss intensely. places where i used to go on holiday, my old school/s, parties i got drunk and silly at, people i used to talk to. i miss my mum and dad working at the age. i miss playing the cello. i miss new york. i miss living in kiama. i don't know what it is, maybe i long for a simpler time - as if every passing second makes life more and more complicated. i can look to the future now, without feeling so scared, but i still look back all the time, and ache for everything i can never return to.


bobb said...

It's natural to look back towards a simpler time, although if you could go back to that time, it most likely wouldn't be as simple as it seems now. What's really good is that, while you ache for the past is that you aren't as scared about the future.