Sunday, May 15, 2011

the past month, bulleted (word to your moms)

  • $3 white wine, apple cider, vodka and cranberry, but now mainly $3 white wine because i can't afford anything else anymore
  • on that note, getting down to my last $20
  • "remember that time when alex got drunk and...... oh wait, alex is ALWAYS drunk!" - one of my friends. well i can't argue with that.
  • jump around - house of pain
  • the toff in town
  • befriending the british bouncer at the toff in town
  • three day eurovision-viewing bender
  • too many packs of peter stuyvesants
  • 4th chamber - gza/genius (feat ghostface killah, rza, killah priest)
  • wearing ridiculous clothes everywhere ie this -
  • never going to uni
  • writing essays the night they are due
  • sleeping on other people's floors
  • being stared down by pedestrians when i walk to the tram stop the next morning in the above ridiculous clothes and wearing dark glasses
  • backstage work for a wonderful play
  • eyes be closed - washed out