Saturday, April 30, 2011


five things you will find if you open my bag:

1. ipod (if nothing else. i am basically surgically attached)
2. wallet
3. iphone

4. cigarettes & lighter 

5. mints

five things in my bedroom:

1. pictures of everyone i love (edie, marianne, syd, brigitte etc.)
a pair of 1970s kirk and spock figurines
3. record player & records
4. various old cameras (most of them non-functional)
5. diaries ranging from when i was 7 or 8 to the present day

five things i want to do in my life:

1. learn to play the guitar
2. be photographed by terry richardson
3. be in an american apparel ad
4. figure out what my special talent is (there must be something i'm good at)
5. live in new york city

five things that make me very happy:

1. listening to music on long solitary walks
2. drunk texting/receiving drunk texts
3. reading passages of books which powerfully resonate with me
4. watching episodes of 30 rock and the inbetweeners with a cup of tea
5. feeling loved and accepted for who i am

five things i’m currently into:

1. a certain boy
2. illmatic by nas
3. messing around with virtual dj
4. white lacey items of clothing
5. pearl earrings i stole from my sister

five things on my to-do list: 

1. save some money for once
2. finish all the books i have piled up
3. write one of the three essays due in the next month
4. get my hair re-dyed (my regrowth is atrocious)
5. remove the pile of clothing from my bedroom floor

five things some people may or may not know about you:

1. i hate introducing one of my closest friends to other people because she is so nice and interesting that they end up liking her more than me
2. i used to pray to god every night when i was little, because i was afraid that my friends and family would get hurt or die if i didn’t
3. i think i might believe in god again and this concept terrifies me
4. sometimes i worry that i am a genuinely awful person, that i have no conscience and i don’t care about anyone but myself
5. when i was 13 i learned something about my dad that could break up our family, but i’ve never told my parents because i don’t want that to happen

currently listening to:
electric relaxation - a tribe called quest
dance to the music - sly & the family stone
hello - martin solveig