Sunday, April 17, 2011

my light shines on

and so my body's backlash against too much drinking/smoking/partying, not enough sleep and being a vegetarian has commenced. woke up on sunday morning with a very nasty case of tonsillitis and since then i have been wandering the house looking consumptive and wallowing in my own suffering and misery. on the bright side, quitting smoking will be a lot easier now since at present i can't think about cigarettes without wanting to weep in pain.

(and so less than a month after i am legally able to buy cigarettes, i decide to quit smoking. what a joke)
(although i'm really not sure how i'm supposed to feel about quitting, because i won't be able to be anna karina/edie.... although even though i'm not a heavy smoker by any means i will certainly be a lot healthier for it)
but yeah in other news life is wonderful

currently listening to:
movin' on up - primal scream
quality control - jurassic 5
everyday people - sly and the family stone