Sunday, April 24, 2011


stoned texting, while relatively indecipherable - even more so, in my experience, than drunk texting - sometimes has good outcomes
like when it turns out the male of choice that you are texting is also stoned, and when he gets back from bluesfest he promises to share a bottle of wine with you soon. lovely

so just quietly, really quite content. and also i like to think all of that stupid stuff i wrote about yesterday was a big misunderstanding. maybe it was. in fact the only thing in the world that could possibly make me happier is if my ex-boyfriend disappeared from my life completely and utterly, just for a while, it still hurts a bit and i'd like to stabilise my emotions before i have to deal with that stuff again. yeah. that would be nice
wow none of that post had any structure or sense, it was just a good weird semi-cryptic rant because people i know in real life might read this. um so in conclusion, most things are ok