Thursday, June 11, 2009

2009 GAT = george clooney

today i completed the general achievement test, which is an exam that basically tests your stills in all areas and creates a generalised score that helps examiners make sure all your assessments are marked accurately. it was three hours long, so it wasn't so fun. however, an elaborate plan was cooked up not long before all of victoria's students sat it: to mention george clooney in one or both of the written exams, to mess with the examiner's heads.

unfortunately, i kind of forgot about mentioning him, but countless other people remembered, and i've been trawling the facebook groups devoted to the plan and reading some of the hilarious ways george clooney was worked into people's written tasks.
by the way, the first written task was about bees, and the second was about material possessions. here are the highlights from both:

"george clooney is considered a busy man, statistics show that he is in fact as busy as a bee."
"george clooney is not a bee. passing thought."
"although this could be argued to not be a possession, if i was to have a boyfriend who looked like george clooney, i would want to be able to enjoy him, and not constantly feel guilty about such a pleasure."
"in ocean's 11, george clooney's character was a very materialistic man. he was also very sexy in that suit."
"george clooney is the bee's knees."
"the role of the drone bee is one consisting solely of reproduction... not dissimilar to george clooney."
"the pollination of bees is a vital role for the germination of crops. without the bees' pollen the fruits would not seed therefore we would not have the fruits we have today. without the fruits our bodies wouldn't function as they do today and george clooney's movies wouldn't be as good as they are."

"and that is how materialism can lead to a selfish behavior, much like how george clooney robbed a casino."
"if there's one thing that george clooney can't do it's make honey. we'll leave that to the bees."
"she was just like george clooney if george clooney was female and a bee."
"while they're no george clooney, the male drone bee still manages to attract the female queen bee, and reproduce."
"george clooney strides into the room, nespresso in hand, reminding us of the obsession in our society for possessions. brilliant, george clooney endorsed possessions."
"there are some bees that look exactly like george clooney."
"people are always striving for the best, for the best home, the fastest car and the broadest dvd collection (including the 1994 batman movie, where batman was played by george clooney)."
"george clooney turned down a role in "bee movie". had he known more about bees, he just might have accepted the part."

i could go on for hours. people who wrote george clooney into their essay, i salute you.


Randolf said...

This was truly epic. I made a reference and it wasn't as great as some others I've read. But my personal favourite was a creative on "George Cloonbee". I wonder if this will follow onto next year.

alex said...

i hope so. word is that chuck norris is next ;)

bobb said...

That really is hilarious:).

Amy said...

i heard about this.
i did the GAT last year, i wish they did a similar thing when i was doing it.
a couple of my friends mentioned george clooney, props to the people who thought of this. so much win!

Anonymous said... :)