Friday, June 12, 2009

you'll speak when you're spoken to

today was lots of fun. since it was report-writing day, i had yet another day off so my friends and i went out. i bought a croissant and starbucks for breakfast, then took a train into the city and shopped in melbourne central until 11am when i met janet and tina under the clocks. we went up to hoyts to see i love you, man (it's kind of a tradition for us to go and watch crap movies). it ended up being hilarious, which was a pleasant surprise.

afterwards, we met up with our more studious friend tammy (she often bails on us to go and study - to be fair, she is in year 12) and went to max brennan's to try a chocolate pizza, which tina was particularly enthused about. it's basically dough with chocolate sauce, cornflakes, marshmallow and pecans. next, tammy led us to shanghai dumpling house, an extremely cheap asian restaurant in an alleyway off chinatown. she warned us that we weren't paying for the hygiene or the service, but i guess only time will tell if i have food poisoining. i didn't plan to eat anything after the pizza, but i had a few fried dumplings because they looked so appealingly greasy.

tammy ditched us after that to go and study, so janet, tina and i spent a little time in starbucks and then went our seperate ways. i was feeling a bit guilty about eating so much junk, and then i got home and remembered that friday is our family binge day, when we have fish and chips for dinner. then mum inexplicably brought home chocolate after she went to the supermarket. so, croissant, chocolate pizza, fried dumplings, fish and chips, chocolate. i'm going to regret this tomorrow. i'm still trying to fight off the three kilograms i haven't shaken since germany, and all those butterbrezels.