Saturday, June 27, 2009

old roger draft-dodger leaving by the basement door

it's my last night in melbourne for a week and a half because i'm flying to queensland for the majority of the holidays tomorrow morning. everyone i've told is jealous, but i could care less. i like winter, and going to sunny brisbane means i miss out on a chuck of it. plus i'm missing a huge house party while i'm over there, and i have a window of three days to catch up with friends before school goes back. fml

the good news is, i went to see simon & garfunkel last night. never really listened to them an awful lot, but my dad couldn't make the concert so his ticket was passed on to me. i ended up having a great time - one of the best shows, if not the best show i've been to so far. i put them on my ipod as soon as i got up this morning.

then i was trawling pictures on the internet - art garfunkel was such a qt back in the day. lovelovelove the printed-on tuxedo jacket, he's pictured above with bowie at the grammys.

l-r: david bowie, art garfunkel, paul simon, yoko ono, john lennon. does a higher concentration of awesomeness in one photo exist ? i think not.