Saturday, November 7, 2009

age of consent

my cat wanted to go outside, but it's nighttime so we wouldn't let him. he then proceeded to run up to the open window, slam his body against the fly screen to open it, and run away into the night. i admire his persistence.

work was okay really. i was just being melodramatic. unfortunately i have to cancel a sleepover i was going to have because they were insistent i work tomorrow. this is irritating because it's occured to me that every weekend is going to be a battle now that i'm working nights. so much for partying these holidays.

saw a gorgeous indie guy on the train. HE HAD A QUIFF. we kept on exchanging glances and at one point he turned around as if he were going to speak to me but he didn't. we got off at the same station. he disappeared into the distance. shattered
i went to a vintage clothing sale, bought:
floral tea-dress ~ $20
denim jacket ~ $10
open-toed flats ~ $10
grey leopard print cardigan ~ $5
was fairly pleased with my haul
life is okay, would have been better if i was proposed to by the indie guy and we got married and lived happily ever after, but whatever.
currently listening to:
cheree ~ suicide
i wanna be your dog ~ iggy & the stooges
lust for life ~ girls
without you i'm nothing ~ placebo