Wednesday, November 11, 2009

deus ex machina

i saw this movie but i'm not sure if i like it
but every 13 year old girl and her myspace loves it
i think it was a fabulous mindfuck but my death-fear came back after watching it.
this death-fear is becoming very persistent and worrying, i hope i don't have clinical anxiety or something.
i don't think i like benson & hedges as much as kents
want to see dr. strangelove + a million gazillion other things
eg: american beauty
requiem for a dream
dazed and confused
mulholland dr.
lost in translation
the science of sleep
less than zero (once i finish the book)
coffee and cigarettes
fight club (i STILL haven't seen it)
i don't know how to write a blog that isn't self indulgent
because i am self indulgent
can't stop listening to i wanna be your dog!
i think it might be the sexiest song i've listened to.
in a really weird way.