Saturday, March 13, 2010

marilyn's pretty

wow that last post was cathartic, anyway sorry to harp on about bob dylan for the third post in a row but it really upsets me that it's difficult to find a copy of dont look back in australian mainstream dvd stores because i would really quite like to see it.

so i realised recently, i spend so much of my time just trying to fly under the radar and succeeding in that 90% of people i know pretend i don't exist, that i am genuinely bemused when someone goes out of their way to be nice to me. it's weird.

also, i'm glad i've been able to get a handle on my self-pitying posts/delete them all, because now and again i see blogs with self-pitying posts and it just comes across as whiny and self-absorbed (not that blog posting isn't, in itself, a self-absorbed and - depending on how many rants you posts - whiny activity) and i feel a bit uncomfortable reading them, it seems almost voyeuristic as if you're gazing into someone's totally crazy neurotic thoughts. that was a really long and poorly structured sentence/entire post, sorry.



bobb said...

Don't Look back is great.

Some more VU related songs for you:

Two unreleased doowop/teen tracks that Lou Reed recorded in 1962 that were unreleased at the time.

Here are two songs by The Myddle Class.

The Myddle Class were a New Jersey group who made several good records. One of the group members, Charles Larkey, later married Carol King.

Their main claim to fame however, was at a performance of theirs at a New Jersey high school. Their opening act was the Velvet Underground, in their first public performance.

"Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long"

A nice cover of "Gates of Eden"

MariellaFloricaJangleMurrayCat said...

I got my copy of Don't Look Back at EzyDVD last year.