Thursday, March 25, 2010

music i'm obsessed with right now


loaded - the velvet underground
not that i haven't always been totally obsessed with this album, but it's really grown on me a lot and i've been listening to oh sweet nuthin' and new age almost nonstop lately.

darklands - the jesus and mary chain
i love basically everything the jesus and mary chain does, and this album is lovely. pretty sure nobody else reconciles my love of feedback with my love of sixties style harmonies like they do

secondhand daylight - magazine
magazine is actually amazing and criminally underrated. both this and their debut real life are part of that rare breed of albums that don't have a bad song on them

phrazes for the young - julian casablancas
i was desperate to see him when he comes to melbourne in may but it's at the palace theatre which is all seated, therefore totally lame. i guess i'll just have to wait until the strokes drop their new album and tour accordingly :(
thirteen - big star (still in mourning over alex chilton)
my time outside the womb - titus andronicus
love like blood - killing joke
laura - girls
come and stay with me - marianne faithfull
i don't love anyone - belle & sebastian
he's gone - vivian girls (wish i could find an mp3 copy of the chantels original)
vinyl i bought today:
so - peter gabriel ($7)
puppet on a string 4" - sandie shaw ($3)


Audio Mastering Services said...

Hey dude the magazine is actually amazing and criminally underrated. I love basically everything the Jesus and Mary chain does, and this album is lovely. Thanks a lot.

bobb said...

Lots of interesting music here.

"Come and Stay With Me" is one of Marianne's best songs and one of Jackie deShannon's best compositions.

Slate's Cultural Gabfest for this week has an interesting discussion about Alex Chilton, including a discussion of "Thirteen".

Someone in one of my newsgroups recently posted a collection of 30 'world" versions of "Puppet on a String", all from the 60's.

If you would like an mp3 of the Chantels "He's Gone", email me at, and I'll send you one.

alex said...

thanks so much, i would love a copy! i will email you asap :)