Saturday, March 27, 2010

what a drag it is getting old

spend spend spend!

longish and uninteresting post, sorry
so today is my 17th birthday, and i had a sleepover last night with some friends. we watched pulp fiction, slept for about three hours, woke up and watched inglourious basterds, and then headed off to the camberwell markets for the morning.

i found a little basket for $3 that i intend to use as a 1960s-style woven box bag. since it was originally a sewing basket, however, it was full of tiny, quaint little paper packets of needles, spools of thread measured in yards and a pack of fabric name tapes reading "thais gloster" (and christ knows when the name "thais" was popular). pretty cool that i own the sewing materials of a lady that's probably dead by now, though.

then i found a copy of "james dean is not dead", the title of which is probably unfamiliar to most people, but obsessive morrissey fans like me will recognise the name of one of the short biographies he wrote in the early eighties in the pre-smiths era (the other of which was about the new york dolls). i was practically frothing at the mouth once i found that it was indeed credited to one "steven morrissey" and got it for $5. not bad considering copies go for 60 pounds these days.

the rest of the things i found were pretty boring, just a couple of leather bags for $3 and $6 respectively, a pair of white leather shoes for $15, a flowery swimsuit for $10 and a copy of the wall by pink floyd on vinyl in great condition for $20. i had a good birthday :)
currently listening to:
oliver's army - elvis costello
end of the world - girls
la la love you - pixies
about you - jesus and mary chain
ps: i started a formspring! ask me whatever you like :)


bobb said...

Happy Birthday Alex!

Speaking of Elvis Costello, did you ever see the list of his top 500 albums? It's ten years old, so it's a little dated, but it's an amazing list that will keep you busy:).

alex said...

i've never seen that list before, it's good to see so many of my favourites on there! :)

What was done said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things: