Saturday, March 20, 2010

a single man

i saw it today and it is so so beautiful and sad and made me cry. movies never make me cry. except for philadelphia, i always bawl my eyes out in that one. must be something about gay men.
it also causes me actual pain to watch movies about the sixties because i love them so much and it is a constant reminder that i was 30 years too late.
oh well, next term when it's casual clothes i'm planning on having a "sixties tuesday" where i will inexplicably wear my hair in a beehive and dress like jackie o and confuse everyone. because hey, if you can't really live in the sixties, you can at least pretend to once in a while.


bobb said...

I do consider the 60's to be one of the three greatest decades of the twentieth century, along with the 20's and 50's, but although young, I did live through them. There were so many wonderful things about that era, but I think, in spite of all the current problems, I think it's better to be growing up now.

The Internet allows everyone to experience more of sixties culture then anyone could have at the time. I listened to music day and night, but I never heard much of the endless great music from the sixties that I am constantly discovering now. There were also the major social and political conflicts of the time - the Cold War, Vietnam, the struggle over race and sex discrimination here in the U.S. I remember the Help Wanted section of the newspaper being divided into "Help Wanted: Male and Help Wanted: Female". Just amazing to think about now.

It is true though that I've never quite have the feeling I used to have knowing I was about to hear a new Beatles record for the first time, knowing that something I hadn't yet heard would become a part of me forever.