Sunday, March 22, 2009

all these things that i've done

today was my unofficial birthday. my actual birthday is on march 28, but that would prove difficult to celebrate with my family considering i will be on the plane to germany at the time.

i actually have an extended birthday ~ i hop on the plane at 5pm on the 27th, sometime during the 24-hour flight it becomes the 28th, and then since germany is ten hours behind melbourne we arrive at about 8am on the 28th again. only five days left until i leave :)

since today was the day we chose to celebrate my birthday, i got some presents: a new nikon coolpix digital camera [i can test it out on all the castles in germany], a book of andy warhol portraits, and a $50 gift card for cotton on body. i spent it on two sets of underwear, and eventually went over the $50 limit with a white bathrobe and some adorable grey over-the-knee socks.

we also went to the camberwell markets this morning, where i bought a pair of nicola finetti studded platform heels for $10, a first-edition of the edie sedgwick bio edie: an american biography for $4, and a silk scarf for $20.

i started officially packing for my trip today, and limiting how much i put in my bag is proving a little problematic. normally i'm not a gratuitous over-packer, but there are so many things i want to bring to germany, along with several things i don't really care for but have to pack anyway ~ an awful navy waterproof jacket, an ugly maroon umbrella [mum inexplicably bought one that "matched my uniform" .. ugh], etc. but whatever. i guess if i buy stuff and i have to make room, i can always surreptitiously throw things away. after all, who needs a towel anyway ?

currently listening to:
love is dead ~ brett anderson
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