Saturday, March 7, 2009

we're so pretty, oh so pretty

before the punk explosion where the "rock chick" as we know it was born, there were the ronettes ~ the original bad girls of rock'n'roll.

paired with huge beehives, heavy batwing eyeliner and a whole lot of attitude, sixties girl group the ronettes made even pant-suits look impossibly cool.

dolling up in shift dresses and kitten heels or dressing down in pedal pushers and sneakers, these bubblegum pop stars left an indelible mark on fashion - and apparently provided amy winehouse with endless beauty inspiration, not to mention musical direction.

it's easy to copy the look ~ get a little adventurous and don a quintessential sixties piece like a full skirt or a frou-frou sequinned frock, or pair a v-neck cardigan with cropped jeans and flats and let your eye makeup do the talking.

more ronettes inspiration ~


bobb said...

The Ronettes were great. In addition to their Phil Spector produced material, they recorded some great but more standard "girl group" material. As you may know Estelle Bennett passed away last month.I saw Ronnie perform solo several years ago in a small club in Baltimore. She was great as you would expect. She performed all the Ronettes hits and some later songs as well.

alex said...

i meant to mention the passing of estelle bennett but it totally slipped my mind upon posting ..
it's such a pity that most of the ronettes' material is out of print these days - to the best of my knowledge, only the 1990s compilation is avaliable on cd ? at least you can find "presenting the fabulous ronettes" on torrents.

bobb said...

You do have some interesting music on your list. Nice to see a list that has both Nico and Nancy Sinatra. Not all of Nancy's records are good, but there are quite a few I really like. particularly the duets with Lee Hazelwood. does have the Colpix and Buddha label songs by the Ronettes. I do have mp3's of most of this material in case you are interested.