Friday, March 20, 2009

psycho for drum machine

several friends and i hit the melbourne grammar social last night, it was mediocre at best. nobody was attractive [my creepy penchant for older men aside], the music was awful [the only highlight was pokerface .. it's a guilty pleasure], and there were 70 people there, max.
i only found out about the social earlier this week so i kind of threw my outfit together, it's not amazing but at least i fit the theme of "white". [spot the odd one out.]

tallest .. but WHY am i standing like that ??

i luv this photo because everyone looks incredibly high and i'm just smiling away obliviously .. my friend was actually falling on me as the photo was being taken [hence my baby-deer legs] but as you can see i am still making a concerted effort to look nice

bathroom photos are classy

i think everyone enjoyed taking photos more than than the actual social lol