Sunday, March 8, 2009

of deep meaning philosophies where only showbiz loses

apparently record labels have just gone on an insane deleting spree. about a quarter of my youtube videos had to be deleted because of copyright. the videos are made to sync with the song so this silly audioswap business isn't going to be any help, sorry, thanx for trying. this is so annoying, i slaved over these videos. while none of my ~best works~ were deleted, there were several with disabled audio that i was quite fond of including a fred astaire and ginger rogers tribute set to "lose control" by missy elliot. edgy, i know. but now nobody has the pleasure of watching it except me. ugh. i guess i'm just going to have to start using more obscure songs for my videos. check out one of the 18 videos remaining ~ my channel is d1sintegration [named aaages ago when i was obsessed with that song by the cure, okay ?]

on a more cheerful note, i now have everything i need for germany except for boots. i have issues with buying boots because my calves are abnormally slim, so boots are always too wide and look completely ridiculous. but anyway on saturday i hit piccadilly circus in carlton and as far as successful purchases go, i got ~

~ a red wool and cashmere duffel coat, $149 ;

~ black wool/angora gloves, $24.95 [i can't find a good picture that looks similar]
~ black acrylic scarf, $24.95 [ditto].

i would post an outfit photo but tbh the webcam photo quality is just awful so i'd rather wait until i get a decent camera. [i actually do have a sort-of-okay camera, but i lost the cord that connects it to the computer. shhhh.]

on sunday i hit the camberwell markets with the family. my 11-years-old-as-of-march-6 sister, sophie, has been obsessed with the idea of busking lately so she brought her ipod speakers and sang this is me from camp rock. in case you haven't guessed, my sister and i are basically the most divergent siblings you can get when it comes to personality. anyway she bolted about 5 minutes after she started because dad was monitoring her and she wanted him to "go away", being helplessly infantile as usual, and eventually we all met up at the coffee shop.

it was pretty slim pickings at the market, clothing-wise, but i spotted a fabulous 80s party dress. it was strapless, cream and had three matching rosettes at the bust and the waist [it's a lot less weird and ugly than it sounds]. the dress is the exact same shape that i want for my formal dress and i was endeared to the cute details but unfortunately it had perspiration stains. gross.

eventually i got a pair of cute mesh gloves for $10 ~

such a small touch but nevertheless made me feel 50x more chic.

anyway i must stop writing because i have a health and human development 3/4 sac in two days and i am incapable of studying at the moment [as if i'm ever capable of studying]. it sucks because i can't dismiss it as not counting because it DOES count .. i have an english 1/2 sac on medea on friday but i'm not really stressing because i like essays and all i have to do is write notes. whereas i don't know shit about ishchaemic heart disease or w/e. so, bai for now.