Monday, March 16, 2009

ermine furs adorn the imperious

bloggers are getting butthurt about it but idk, i quite like mischa barton's outfit.
the shoes are a little iffy, but she pulls it off. people are getting all "evil bitch talentless whore animal killer ~!!!!11!" over it and it's a little pathetic.
or maybe i'm just a hypocrite. it seems like only yesterday that i was being incredibly self-righteous and bratty about this kind of thing, but my attitude towards fur has mellowed in recent years.
it reminds me of those 90s PETA anti-fur ads featuring its most famous supermodels - think christy, naomi, cindy, elle and, of course, kate - under the slogan "we'd rather go naked than wear fur". almost two decades on, to the best of my knowledge they have all renounced their anti-fur ways in the form of high-profile fur advertising gigs or just wearing it out and about. in the late 80s and early 90s, PETA reached the zenith of its anti-fur campaign, and there is still a great deal of antagonism about fur even now [although most of the people who get grumpy at fur-wearers either wear leather, eat meat or do both].
the supermodels and i, we're the worst kind of fur-wearers. we know what an awful thing it is to do, but we do it anyway. it's bizarre, because i really do love animals and i like to think of myself as someone who genuinely cares about animal rights. maybe i just fail at being consistent. maybe i'm just a lot more shallow and a lot less moral than i was at thirteen. it's probably a bit of both. what would ingrid newkirk think of me now ?
of course, now that i am older i can finally see the point of everyone who is against PETA. it's quite pathetic in its extremism, not to mention incredibly sexist. like a bunch of inexplicably naked women in your campaigning/ protests and spokespeople such as pamela anderson are going to help people take your cause seriously. it's a pity they give animal rights supporters such a bad name, really.

to end on a less vindictive note, here is my current hairspiration. must .. grow out .. hair .. so it can look like this.

AND she has freckles .. further proof that platinum blonde hair will suit my skin tone


Hannah B. said...

I love your blog. It's lovely.