Tuesday, March 3, 2009

shiny hair, that's my life ambition

i'm going to grow my hair out, for real this time.

and by that i mean, i made a kind of pathetic attempt to grow it into a louise brooks bob last year which failed miserably when i just got sick of having hair that was really fucking weird looking as it was growing out. but this time, i'm going to stick with it. it's been more than a year with my current hair, after all. these photos will be the motivation that keeps me going. i have a plan. starting with this ~

phase one ~ the jean. imagine that this is my hair right now, except thicker and a bit longer. the growing out process is only just beginning at this point. i need the shorter hair at the back of my head to catch up to the hair at the bottom so it will eventually be all the same length, but i don't want it to turn into a mullet, so i will get my hair trimmed every six weeks just at the back. every so often i will wield the scissors myself at home to manipulate the hair at the front into a position which will become a fringe once it is at the bob stage. if all goes according to plan, it will ultimately become this ~

phase two ~ the lulu. once i've gotten over the "is it a pixie or a bob ?" hurdle, it will more or less be smooth sailing for my hair. louise brooks's hair was razored at the back and tapered down to a longer length at the front, which is ideal for my plan to just allow my hair to grow while the short hair on top catches up. hopefully my hair will look like this come formal time, which is in six months, because i really don't want the totally bizarre-looking mop that is typical of growing out a short cut. once my bob has reached a suitable length, i'll cut it all to one length so it will look like this ~

phase three ~ the debbie. this would imo be pretty much the best hair ever if it was slightly longer, had a blunt fringe and didn't have debbie's trademark black stripe down the back [but hey, she made it work]. by this point my hair will be adequate but it won't quite be quite up-do material yet so i'll have to keep going until i get to a length that is approximately the same as this ~

phase four ~ the kate. this haircut is probably the closest to perfect i've ever seen - and since it's unlikely platinum blonde would suit my pallid-but-freckly complexion, the closest to perfect colour for me that i've seen, too. i guess time will tell whether or not i decide to grow my hair any longer, but if i do, the ideal result would be something like this ~

phase five ~ the marianne. the fabulousness of her hair in this photo speaks for itself, really. lovely. here's hoping that it will be me within three years. wish me luck.

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Julia said...

Wow, I want such beautiful hair too! It's not fair. I wish there weren't such things in the world as bad hair days...
Good luck, btw!